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How my photos or art piece are fixed into frames?

Once at the Frame Boss, your photo or art piece will be examined by our expert & seasoned framers to ensure the safe and sound fixing of frames for them. In general, most frame pieces will be fixed in dry fitting process while some will required heat-activated, piece by piece and yet acid-free type of foam board. The number prints with small and medium sized numbers and certificates will be joined with acid-free foam board material and with archival tape, if required. If you want special type of mounting treatment, regarding your art piece or photo, lets’ have it added as the Special Instructions at checkout place.

Is hanged mounting offered at Frame Boss?

Float fixing and mounting technique is a proven best technique to display the raised upper surface of old papers, so that prominence of artist signatures and so on is displayed, if they are on or near the edge of your art piece. This technique is specially applied to add a little drama like performance to your framed art piece.

Instead of fixing layers upon a mat board upon the top of your art piece, your art piece will float in the air over your art piece by 3/8” above a mat. After this, an inch and a half of space is left between the limits your art piece and the frame. Then the spacing pieces will be inserted to separate the acrylic and frame from your art piece and the mat board. It will create a space between your art piece and the acrylic materials.

Instead of fixing layers upon a mat board upon the top of your art piece, your art piece will float in the air over your art piece by 3/8” above a mat. After this, an inch and a half of space is left between the limits your art piece and the frame. Then the spacing pieces will be inserted to separate the acrylic and frame from your art piece and the mat board. It will create a space between your art piece and the acrylic materials.

How will you satisfy me about the matching of the mat with my art piece?

If you want framing of your art piece with mat, our expert designers at Frame Boss will inspect and examine your art piece with the frame you selected and with a large collection of mat colors in your range of specified colors. Then, we will choose and apply the mat shade and its width to keep it between 2 and 3 inches to compliment request for the art piece.

Why glass is not used by us for the framing?

In principle and practice, we apply the acrylic to cover all the frames, made at Frame Boss. The acrylic, used by us, is not just more expensive than the glass but also is crystal clear and beautiful whereas the glass has a green tint. Acrylic is safer with much less likely to smash and is available with additional UV protection. Due to the reason that we have to ship your framed art piece, it is assumed a safest option at our side to include acrylic as standard on all art and photo pieces to save them from shatter during the shipment.

Which type of acrylic is used by us for frames?

For the framing, the highest quality UV protected acrylic is used by Frame Boss in the frames. The ready-made acrylic is soft, thin or flexi type and is not applied in our frames for you but we use the beautifully clear, defect-free, strong and UV protected acrylic to provide the best framing service for you.

Can Frame Boss creates a frame with multiple mat settings in it?

Yes, it can be done if requested. But, please remember one thing; due to excessive time and labor spent upon multiple mat openings, an additional fee is charged for the service when the order is received. Additional pricing for the additional mats may be up to $25 for up to 5 openings and $3 per mat beyond 5 openings.

How to send us the Order by Mail?

• In the parcel, place the art pieces or photos, side by side, in the same arrangement as required by you in the frames.
• Then, measure the approximately total size of total arrangement, made by you.
• So, place the mailed frames with those dimensions in the frame styles of your choice and arrangements. The dimension, set by you, need not be the accurate ones as we will use the size to determine the price category of your order. Upon the receipt of the items, we will measure the size, precisely.
• For the purpose, mentioned, specifically, in the ‘Special Instructions’ while placing it in the cart to let us know that you are dispatching multiple items for us to frame. You are also required to give us your OK that you have no objection to the additional charge for multiple mat arrangements in the frame. Upon the receipt of your items for framing, our designers and the framers will contact you in case of any additional queries.

Instructions for the Print & Frame Orders:

• When you are ordering the photo files for the framing through email to: support@frameboss.com, we will, prepare a draft layout for you to approve. Then, you may place the order to us.
• While placing the ‘Upload’ order for a digital image, upload your file created at Frame Boss by our designer, along with the other multiple images in the mat and frame layout, as suggested and agreed by you.
• And don’t forget to write a note in the Special Instructions while you are completing the cart that this is a multiple mat opening art piece or photo, so that, we may talk with you or approve additional charges for the purpose.

Are the Samples offered before finalization of the frame?

As per our set practice, we make it certain for you to visualize what your art piece or the photo will look like in the frame style. As there is no substitute of sense of touch, we have arranged to offer the 2” moulding samples for your view at your house, if you are willing.

What about the return policy of Frame Boss?

If despite our best efforts, you are not happy with our quality upon your frame, do contact with us within 30 days of receiving the framed photo or art piece and any experienced member of our team of expert designer will work with you to reframe your art piece or the photo for you.

How can you redeem the gift cards, offered by us?

If you want to redeem the gift cards, issued by Frame Boss, just click the link: https://www.frameboss.com/redemptions/ new enter the 16-digit gift card code, issued to you for the purpose.

Then, upon reaching the payment screen, select ‘Apply Credits’, write here the total dollar amount of the gift card credits, you'd prefer to apply for your purchase, and then click ‘Apply’. The written credit amount will be deducted from your total order amount.

Does Frame Boss offers gift cards?

Yes, it happens. ‘Gift Cards’ and physical gift cards are offered by us. If you want to learn more, click https://www.frameboss.com/gift_cards/new#/ learn and apply.

Can art pieces or the photos be framed on canvas?

To protect your unique and original art pieces on canvas, we have the practice of framing them in our canvas backed and floated frames. For the purpose, the canvas frames are stretched about 3/4” or 1.5” with deep stretcher bars which are made with solid wood. Then these will be fixed to fit within the frame but leaving 1/4” of space between the art piece and the edges of the frame. As the framing upon the canvas should breath, these canvas pieces are left front and back section of your art piece uncovered. This is not the case with the art pieces, made upon the paper as they are required to be protected from the acidic elements of acrylic and other dangerous materials during framing.

If you are willing to get the ‘Canvas framing’, it may be available to you in 4 different floater type of frame styles, such as, Palermo (white), Heathrow (black), Valencia (gold) and Gatwick (silver).

Is every moulding of frame available for every size of the art piece or photo?

This is practically impossible to offer some styles upon extra-large art pieces as these moulding frames are excessively thin to support the large size and heavy weight of the large pieces.

Why the extra-large art piece don’t have mat?

Technically, the matting on art pieces, larger than 24" x 36", can’t be mated due to the shipping restrictions and limits of the finalized framed photo or art piece. This is the reason that poster size art pieces are often displayed without mat.

How to protect and care about the framed piece?

Always apply a dry microfiber cloth or soft cloth towel to clean and make your framed art piece dirt-free. For the cleaning, better apply simple water with one or two drops of dish soap. As precautionary measure, never ever use any cleaning liquid with ammonia, such as, Windex. Similarly, never clean the surface with a rough texture cloth to save the frame or the acrylic from rough scratches.

How the art pieces of the photos can be measured at my side?

Just apply the handy measuring tape to measure the length and width of your art piece or photo up to the nearby inch. Alternatively, our skilled craftsmen may measure the same when it is at our laboratory. In other situations, apply the standard A4 sized paper sheet of 8.5” x 11” to have approximation of size. If by mistaken, you have done the wrong measurement of your art piece, our people will contact you to adjust the same.

Make sure to see that your art piece or the photo is fitted within one of our size category. For example, if your art piece or the phot is a panoramic print with 9” x 24” size, its longer sided size will determine it as large one.
Here is how the complete breakdown art piece's frame size is determined.

Size Shortest Side Max (in) Longest Side Max (in) Price Instagram 5" 5" $35 Extra small 5" 7" $55 Small 9" 12" $75 Medium 16" 20" $95 Large 24" 36" $145 Extra Large 32" 40" $185 Over Size 36" 48" $345

Is Frame Boss an owner of a retail store?

No! As we don’t have the retail store, located at some location but just the Online location, we can provide the high quality framing service for your art pieces or the photos at the lowest prices. With all the processing of your orders and finalization Online and through iPhone app, our team of experienced and skillful framers are at your service at our laboratories at the Lorton, Virginia.

What would happen if the wrong dimensions for my art piece are entered by me?

Typically, relying upon the dimensions, entered by you, we calculate the size and price of the frame piece. Size and the price is also calculated to determine the custom framing order and to determine the prepaid mailer to send the art piece to you. A mistake by the fractions is acceptable as we measure it when we receive the art piece. But, if your calculations differ so much from the actual one to include the framing into the different size category, you will be contacted by our team to make the necessary adjustment in dimensions and price. Remember; we don’t accept the extra-large art pieces, measuring more than 32" x 40”, as this is the maximum size we currently accept for framing and shipping.

If I am undecided due to the large number of framing options, can your team help me to decide, accurately?

Don’t worry as we want your frame to be beautiful and satisfying for you. This is the time to read our helping tips to choose the best frame for you art piece or come to a like opt for the ‘Designer's Choice’. If designer choice is opted, a design expert will come into contact with you when we have received your art piece with 3 different suggestions to give you the option to select the one out of 3. Alternatively we are always available for your service and support at: support@frameboss.com.

Which type of the images or photos can be uploaded by me for the printing?

The choice is yours. It may be with an extension of .JPG, .GIF or .PNG but under the size of 30mb. Here, at Lorton, Virginia, we will print it for you but if the print is less than resolution of 150 dpi, we will not print as we want your satisfaction with high quality at any cost.

How the uploaded file be printed?

The image of the photo, uploaded by you, will be printed for framing upon the heavy duty luster quality photo paper archival inks.

Can my Instagram choice of the image be printed with the border?

Off course, Yes! Any of the Instagram image may be framed for you, as per your choice. If the Instagram image has a border, it will be printed, as it is, unless instructed, specially, to crop the border.


Normally, the people like the Instagram photos, printed and framed without the borders. The reason is simple; these borders are normally wavy which would not become parallel to the frame sides.

Does Frame make the frames and ship them to Canada?

Thanks for the queries but we don’t currently make and ship for the Canada but in near future, we have the plans to start framing service for the Canada as well. You are invited to share your email with us so that we may inform you as soon as possible after the launching of the framing service for the Canada as well.

How to select the most appropriate packaging?

Our preferred packaging for the shipment to us is in rolling style package which is normally a heavy duty tube (select ‘Tube’) for the purpose. But, if your art piece cannot be rolled, better you select the ‘Flat Mailer’ as your packaging type and we will send you the flat mailer.

If your art piece is already packed, safely and securely, for the shipment purposes, or it has already been shipped to you by someone else, select ‘I have my own arrangement’ of either ‘tube’ or ‘flat’ as your packaging type for onward shipment to us. So, now, we will send you the appropriate US Postal Service label so that you may, comfortably, print and affix the same upon your package.


If you have the larger art piece with you to send it to us which is larger than 16" x 20”, then inform us at: support@frameboss.com to arrange it for onward delivery to us.

Where framed art pieces or the photos can be shipped?

Currently, our sphere of operations are within the United States and the Washington (DC).

In how much time, I must expect my framed art pieces to arrive?

OTo use your own packaging to ship your art piece to us, just download and print the shipping label, immediately, after placing the order with us. If the prepaid mailer is applied to ship your art piece to us, you must expect it to reach us within 5-7 days after placing your order.

After the receipt of your art piece at our place at Virginia, it will be notified to you and our experienced craftsmen will start working upon it. Normally, the complete framing job takes 5-7 days and you will be informed promptly after the job is completed.

Is urgent and quick delivery service available at Frame Boss?

Yes; the expedited and quick framing and shipping services are available at Frame Boss. If the expedited service is required upon the art piece or the photos which is ordered by 11:59 pm EST, it may take 3 working days for framing and shipment, i.e. one day for the framing and 2 day for the shipment.
But, the fees for the accelerated framing and shipment are based upon the size of your art piece or the photo:

• Fees for the Instagram Mini size: $15
• Fees for the Extra Small and Small size: $20
• Fees for the Medium size: $30
• Fee for the Large & Extra Large size: $40

Depending upon your need for the speedy and quicker framing and shipping, contact our support time at: support@frameboss.com.

Are corporate orders given additional support?

Why not! We love to do so. To discover the additional support for the corporate programs, contact https://www.frameboss.com/business or email us at the support@frameboss.com

Is there any discount for the artist or the art seller for the framing service?

Again, yes! Such arrangements can be discuss for the mutual action to work as team. Better contact us at: artists@frameboss.com.

If the framed art in photos of frames, displayed at your site, is desired to be purchased, what would be your reaction?

Sorry Friend! But, our framed photos are designed for future, but right now our product photos are designed to stimulate the customers’ quest and your sense of creativity.