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Jersey Framing at Frame Boss is a Unique one in Remembering Old Affiliations

October 29, 2017

Jersey Framing is a unique way to remember good old days as players

Your old memory of your previous club or the team and its jersey, which you wore while your final day with the day, may be source of immense satisfaction for you. But, your previous affiliation with the club jersey is more loving for you if it remains safe for a long span of time and before your eyes as well. The jerseys represent the sweet memories of the last day when you wore the jersey or the day when you was wearing the same and your team won event or match, marvelously well. Such jerseys are always a source of proud for the players and other officials.

So, many ex-players and officials of the teams prefer it to get their last worn jersey framed in order to protect it from the different hazards. The worst enemies of the cotton, fabric of synthetic made jerseys are environmental hazards, such as, the industrial chemicals, smoke, the humidity, the dirt and many other things. The best method to get the sweet old memory saved it to get it framed.

So, when you have taken the decision, come to site of Frame Boss and visit the Jersey Framing. Here, just choose the jersey frame of your choice, get yourself registered and your task is over. Now, our task starts.

Our marketing team will immediately contact you to provide the customer help and service to you. With their Online assistance, get the best type of the framing for the jersey will be selected for you.

After preliminary preparations, the incomplete frame structure will be sent to you. Now, you are required to send back the jersey along with the frame to Frame Boss where it will be framed and saved between the mat and the glass and will deliver the complete frame to your house door steps. So, it is now available to hang in your house or office gallery wall.

Now is the time for you to feel proud of the old jersey and the club or team, being represented with it. It will now, always, available before your eye and the eyes of your near & dears and the visitors will be impressed by your marvelous achievement at the club or during the tournament or the match. And this sweet memory is saved for decades to come.