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our story

Our Marvelous Initiative
at Frame Boss Inc.

It has been our endeavor to fulfil the dream of the people to get their art pieces or the photos framed. We started our framing journey more than 30 years ago when veterans started the framing business.

Then in 2015, we decided to enter the digitalized framing service era to serve our customers with the latest available technology and the Internet.

So, I started to think about launching the Online framing business. But, the decision was difficult to implement as I was rather novice in this online internet world and was equally unknown in the technical matters. But, being an entrepreneur by nature and engaged in the framing business since the past 3 generations, I didn’t lose heart and at last succeeded to organize a beautiful blend of framers, the marketers and other administrators. And it was Year 2015 when the Frame Boss Inc., the Online framing company, was launched.

Frame Boss Inc. is designed as a beautiful combination, rather set of ecommerce, logistics and artistic framing of the photos and images.

The Frame Boss is created to work as the systematic and creative company which revolves around the concept of the art, service of art and the preservation of the art pieces at the lowest possible price. Due to the Online service, it is possible to provide the frame lovers the framing services at the lower prices as the customary shopping expenses are required.

The art to make the framing business a successful one is the art of satisfying the clientele with the best, very personal and the quickest possible price with best market and industry wise quality. With a large production house in Virginia, our team of expert framers, designers and the marketers work, jointly, to serve the customer. Our mission is to make every customer a member of the family of satisfied customers. We are e part of a proud team of seasoned craftsmen who are available to serve. So, while you are at the Frame Boss Inc., feel yourself the very important personality for us with all of our team at your service.