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Beautification of Gallery Wall

October 29, 2017

Beautify Gallery Wall with your favorite photos keeps your memories alive

Whether it is office premises or home wall, people with good taste always prefer beatified gallery wall. There are thousands of ways to beautify the walls, but the best one is presented by Frame Boss, i.e. the beautification of gallery wall framed picture of your sweet memories. These framed pictures and other different sweet memories are framed in order to save them, protect them from the environmental hazards and for beautification of the home or office gallery wall.

For the gallery wall, you may select either favorite images of the near and dears but may also select the images of the sweetest moments of life, such as, the marriage, child birth or the graduation. Newly married couples normally prefer different images and the photographs of their wedding while the young graduates prefer graduation days or the college life moments. Married people with full nest or empty nest like to see the images of their loving children always before their eyes. Similarly, the players of members of the different teams or the clubs like to see the gallery wall decorated with jerseys, duly framed. All these photos are selected and delivered at the door steps of the sweet home or the office premises.

On the other hand, in the offices, some officers like to decorate gallery walls of their offices with the images of their promotion, different events, and meeting with the bosses or so. If the gallery wall of the office is to represent the corporate success stories or memorable moments of the company, their picture line is totally different. The corporate office walls are decorated with pictures of different office buildings, industrial plants, different prize winning officials or their popular product line. Some of the marketing offices like to display images of their leading and successful officers and salesmen. In some cases, the gallery wall of the offices and shopping malls are decorated with sales promotions and other sales events.

For all such purposes, different frames with differing sizes and designs may be selected for the purposes and photos for them are also selected. Then, Frame Boss may work upon to frame them as per design selected by the company marketing or the admin department. After the completion of framing process, the company may invite Frame Boss employees to come to office to help to display and decorate the different framed images as per the design, suggested by the Frame Boss and approved by the company. Otherwise, the framed images and photos may be delivered at the offices to decorate and display as and where like by the company employees.